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Online casino doesn't pay, what to do?

 This is a problem some people, unfortunately, have to deal with at some point in time – the online casino refusing to pay the player. There are many reasons this could happen and before we advise you on an action, we have to figure out the reason the casino doesn't pay in the first place. Depending on the explanation the casino gives you you can have some options to get this problem remedied.

 We will begin with the worst case scenario – rogue online casino. Many internet gamblers, especially those who are playing online for the first time make the worst mistake, namely signing up with a rogue online casino. Just like everything else on the internet, there are online casinos which operate only on rogue premises and have no desire to do any kind of long-term business. Website like ours are very popular precisely because people can avoid joining rogue online casinos by following our recommendations for quality casinos and refrain from signing up with casinos not on our approved list. And as much as it pains us to say it – if you ended up at a rogue online casino and they refuse to pay you your winnings – there is no course for action. Those casinos are fly-by-night operations, open for only a few months, enough to collect some money from the players they've lured with large bonuses and other incentives, than they close and disappear. In this scenario the only thing you can take away from it is a lesson learned. In a nutshell, if rogue online casinos don't pay, there isn't much you can do. That's why we always underline the importance that our readers only visit the casinos on our list and nothing else.

 The next very popular reason for the online casino not paying the player is a breach in the terms and conditions of the casino. This most often is a result of a breach in a bonus terms and conditions, but sometimes could be related to player/account information. Many gamblers don't spend the time needed to familiarize themselves with the terms and requirements of a bonus offer and break those terms, more often than not by accident. Some people don't realize that there are bonus play-through requirements or that certain games don't count towards the playthrough requirements, etc. In other cases a husband and a wife would have separate casino account, which is against the T&C of some online casinos. In all cases, the casino has the right to refuse to pay the player their winnings, it's just as a breach of contract in the real world. Of course, there are things you can do to try and remedy the situation, although a positive outcome is hardly guaranteed. The best thing you can do is to contact the casino management and explain the situation, explain you have made a mistake and ask them for a way to work this out. Good online casinos hate to lose customers, just like any other business and will work with you towards an outcome that would be acceptable for both sides. Of course, there are people who would purposefully look for a way to cheat the casino or abuse the bonus offers. That's why the online casinos are often reluctant to give in to the requests of players, unfortunately many good players suffer because of those bonus abusers.

 The final option is to see whether the online casino is licensed and regulated. Not all, but the majority of the online casinos will have a form of certification or a license by a gambling organization that would help the players with tough issues. Contact the authority which issued the casino license and explain your situation. They have much more power over the casino than you alone can muster and contacting them is a valuable option to deal with an online casino which doesn’t pay you your rightful winnings.

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