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Bank draft and money orders as casino depositing methods

 If you are an American trying to play at the online casinos your best method of depositing money is eWalletXpress. As the name suggest, it's an e-wallet which would allow you to deposit money to the wallet first and then transfer the money from your eWalletXpress account to your online casino account. It is very secure and reliable company, operated by Navaho Networks, and is indeed very simple and easy alternative, if your credit card has been rejected at the online casino. You will not be able to fund your eWalletXpress account using a credit card - you will have to do so through your bank account. Once you have entered the bank account details, you will have to call customer service and confirm that it is you who is trying to make the deposit.

 Expect your first deposit with eWalletXpress to take a while as it will not clear instantly, but when the company receives the fund from your bank, usually 3-5 business days. Once they do so, you will have to once again confirm your deposit by entering the exact amount withdrawn from your bank account (eWalletXpress will take a few cents loss to make sure it's the right account). But after you go through this security step - it's all breeze. You will have an initial $750 weekly depositing limit, which you can extend by verifying some personal information, and all of your deposits will be available instantly to transfer to your online casino account. If your credit cards have declined a transaction to your preferred online casino, you cannot go wrong with eWalletXpress.

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