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How to beat the online casinos: Tips for winning more at the casino

 Everyone wants to beat the online casino they play and here we will show you how to beat the online casinos. Before you get overly excited, we should underline that there is no certain way to beat the casino, if there was - the internet casinos would've long time closed their virtual doors and bankrupt. But by following the few tips we will share with you here, your odds of winning at the online casino will increase dramatically. There is no silver bullet for beating the online casinos and even if you follow all the advice on this page, it's not guarantee that you will be a winner every time you gamble. After all, they don't call it gambling for no reason and the odds are always stacked against the player in the long run. Which brings us to the first tip for beating the online casinos:

1. Go for the short term - it has been said over and over again that the casino always wins in the long run and this is always true. There is not even one casino game that will always perform for the players, rather than the casino. But this said, if there were no winners, who would even think of gambling? The majority of the rewards always come in the short term, hence one should always stay within the short-term when gambling online or offline. Once you win that jackpot or the big payout - walk away. Yes, there are lucky people who will win over and over on different games on the same night, but again - this is all temporary, since we all work against the odds every time we gamble. Thus if you want to beat the online casino, simply learn to walk away while you are ahead.

2. Pick your games wisely - don't just deposit and start playing the first game that looks good to you. Do a bit of research about the casino games offered, especially about the video slots. There are, believe it or not, video slots that are much more looser than others and such slots will usually be advertised by the casino itself to promote their brand and attract more customers. If you see those slots that pay near the 100% back - don't hesitate. Another tip that is just as true about the video slots - try to compare them before you actually begin to play. Most online casinos these days offer over 200 different video slots, some more than 500 and it's quite easy to misjudge the slot machines. A well-known fact is that some video slots are exactly as others, except with smaller payouts. What we mean is, for example, you may have a video slots with bars and bells which pays out at 3 to 1 on the smallest win and another slot machine with stars and stripes that pays 2 to 1 on the smallest win. Both of them would be exactly the same (except for the symbols on the reels), yet one will pay much less than the other. With over 200 slots available, many players don't bother to compare and run the chance of playing mostly on low-paying clones of the good video slots. You can easily help yourself towards beating the online casino by simply paying attention and spending some time comparing the slots within a group, let's say all 3-reel slots or all 5-reel, etc. As you could see from the example above, just by selecting the right game you are already winning 33% more return on your wager. And with some slots the contrast is even deeper, so pay attention to the payouts at the online casino.

3. Know the table games well - just like the part about the video slots, the player must know the table games and pay attention which version they will start playing. For example, European roulette has only one zero, while American has two. This alone doubles the house edge when playing the American version. On the same token - read the blackjack table, see if the dealer hits or stands on soft seventeen, what's the blackjack payout, etc. Read our guides to the table games is you want to learn more, but always make sure you understand the game you are going to play and that you have chosen the version most benefiting the player, not the casino.

4. Bonus, bonus, bonus - yes, it's so important - we had to say it three times. There is no better way to beat the online casinos than taking advantage of all the free money the internet casinos cannot wait to give you. Yes, they do come with play-through requirements to avoid bonus abuse, but think of it this way - with most online casinos you've already doubled your money right off the start and all you have to do to beat the casino is to hold on to your winnings. Find a good slot machine (as most table games will have stringent requirements for bonus play) and have fun while you are doubling your money. Not to mention that with the bonus money you could hit a big win or even a progressive jackpot. The casino bonus is basically free money so why not take it, after all, everyone wants to beat the online casinos and come out a winner, in addition to having a good time doing so. However, don't forget to red the terms and conditions the bonus comes with. There is no worse feeling for the player than realizing that the money they thought were won ended up being lost because they paid no attention to the bonus requirements. Be prepared and know your bonus well before you get overly excited and hit the withdrawal button.

These are the most important tips to beat the online casinos. Follow the advice and your chances of winning more at the casino have already increased greatly. Make sure you get as much free money from the casino as possible by using the bonuses, pick the right games to play and know the rules and the variations and in the end - when you win, take your winnings home and you will be ahead of the game by a long mile.

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